2022 June “618 Mid-Year” Promotion

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Taobao2SG 2022 June “618 Mid-Year” Promotion (From Now until 30 June 2022)

Dear Taobao2SG Customers,

Taobao is having the Grand Mid-Year 618 Promotion at this moment.  Are you ready to grab those amazing deals at Taobao?

During the Taobao 618 promotion period, we Taobao2SG.com is also having shipping promotion to help our loyal customers to enjoy the Taobao Mid-Year 618 sales with our discounted shipping rates.

*** Promotion 1: $6.18 Discount for Shipping Order > 1 CBM *** 

All customers who submit a "sea shipping" order that is greater than 1 CBM will receive an S$ 6.18 discount for your sea shipping fee. We provide free local delivery for all sea parcels shipping orders that exceed 1 CBM.  Please WhatsApp 6588130282 our customer service staff to claim the discount.

*** Promotion 2: $16.18 Discount for Shipping Order > 2 CBM *** 

All customers who submit a sea shipping order that is greater than 2 CBM will receive an S$ 16.18 discount for shipping fee and free local delivery services.  Please WhatsApp 6588130282 our customer service staff to claim the discount.

*** Special Discount for Corporate Clients ***

We have special lower shipping rates for corporate clients and any customers who plan to ship more than 5 CBM.  Taobao2SG.com would like to help you grow your business with our convenient shipping services.  Corporate clients, please contact our customer service staff via WhatsApp 6588130282 to obtain the price quote.

Enjoy your 618 Shopping at Taobao. Please feel free to contact us via WhatsApp at 6588130282 if you need any assistance for your China-to-Singapore parcel shipping.  We look forward to hearing from you. 


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