How to ship parcels from China to Singapore via Taobao2SG?

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Taobao2SG  |  Tutorial Guide for New Users
How to Ship Your Parcels From China to Singapore (Sea Shipping and Air Shipping)

If you have already registered your user account at Taobao, 1688, or any other e-commerce websites in China, then you can follow this user guide to easily forward your purchase from China to Singapore via our services. 

1. Register your own Taobao2SG User Account > 
Go shopping at Taobao & let seller deliver your purchase to our China warehouse
Submit Shipping Order at Taobao2SG 
Pay shipping fee  
5. Receive your parcels in Singapore

Sign up your own Taobao2SG user account  

First, you need to be a registered user of Taobao2SG.comYou can easily register your user account from our website home page or click here to sign up a user account.

All information in the registration table are required. 

You can also sign up your Taobao2SG user account via Facebook.  On the sign-up page, simply click the button [Log in with Facebook] and follow the instructions to complete your account sign-up.


After registering your user account from our website, you can log in and
find out your User ID and the unique China delivery address assigned to your account from the User Center as illustrated in the below example.

As shown in the example above, the warehouse address (for sea shipping and air shipping), telephone number is displayed in the User Centre. 
When you are shopping at Taobao or any e-commerce sites in China, you must inform the sellers to deliver your parcels to the warehouse address that we assigned to you

Go Taobao shopping and let sellers deliver your parcels to our China Guangzhou warehouse 

If you do not have a Taobao account, then you need to get your own Taobao account first.  If you need more information regarding how to register a Taobao account, you can refer to the instruction here.   
[How to Sign Up Taobao Account]


Do make sure that you will use the warehouse address that was assigned to you as your China delivery address. The easiest way to do so is to set the address that you noted from your User Center as your default delivery address in Taobao.  If you do not know how to set your default delivery address in Taobao, you may refer to this instruction:  How to Set Up Default Delivery Address in Taobao

-- How to Set Up Default Delivery Address in Taobao via Taobao website

-- How to Set Up Default Delivery Address in Taobao via Taobao Mobile App

Most Singapore customers do not have a China bank account to pay their Taobao sellers via Alipay.  Some Singapore shoppers use their credit cards issued by a Singapore bank to pay their Taobao orders.  However, pay Taobao orders by using your Singapore credit card will cost you an additional 3% surcharge by the Alipay. 

We offer free Alipay "Pay For You" services to our customers.   After you place your orders in Taobao, you can ask someone known as your "Taobao Friends" to pay for you, which is called "找朋友代付“ in Taobao and Alipay.  We, Taobao2SG, will be glad to be your "Taobao Pay for You" friend.  Our Pay-for-You service is only available to Taobao2SG registered customers.  Unlike other Taobao forwarders who will charge you for such services, our "Pay For You" service is free to all registered members.

You may refer to the following instruction if you need more information regarding how to arrange Taobao2SG to pay your Taobao order

-- How to Arrange Taobao2SG to Pay your Taobao Order by using Taobao Mobile App [Mobile Site]

-- How to Arrange Taobao2SG to Pay your Taobao Order by using Taobao Website [Desktop Site]

Other Useful Links

How to find out my China warehouse address [Desktop Site] [Mobile Site]
-- How to set up my China delivery address in Taobao [Desktop Site][Mobile Site]

In addition to Taobao, you can also shop from any other Chinese e-commerce sites like 1688, Global JD, Su Ning, Amazon CN, and Dang Dang. As long as you let your sellers delivery your orders to our warehouse by using the address that we assigned to you, we will be able to forward your parcels to your Singapore address.

Our warehouse staff will receive parcels on your behalf and then show information regarding the arrived / received (in-warehouse) parcels in your User Center.  You can check the status of your parcels from our website whenever you would like to do so.  

Submit shipping order (including declaring content and value of your parcels)    

You can find status of your parcels such as not yet received, received, and pending for declaration from the User Center.  Once all your parcels arrive in our warehouse, you can request to have your parcels packed and shipped to Singapore.  However, before submitting your shipping order, you need to declare the content and value (in SGD) for each parcel.  Our system will calculate the shipping fee, GST (if applicable) and delivery fee within Singapore (if applicable) after you declare all parcels to be shipped.  Please note that the GST is applicable to all sea-shipping parcels and air parcels which are declared as above S$400. 

You may refer to this instruction if you need more information regarding how to submit a shipping order. [Mobile Site]

-- How to submit a shipping order and get my parcels forwarded to Singapore [Desktop Site]

-- How to submit a shipping order and get my parcels forwarded to Singapore [Mobile Site]

Pay shipping fee via top-up account balance

When you submit your shipping order, the User Center not only shows the total fees required for your order but also your account balance.  If there is sufficient balance in your account then the shipping fee will be deducted automatically to finalize your shipping order.  However,  if there is an insufficient balance in your account, then you must top up adequate fund to pay the shipping fee.

You can top up your account balance by using PayNow or fund transfer via internet banking.   You can find our bank account information from this page:  Taobao2SG PayNow and Bank Account Information

-- Taobao2SG PayNow and Bank Account Information  [Desktop Site]

-- Taobao2SG PayNow and Bank Account Information  [Mobile Site]

After making a fund transfer, you need to upload proof of payment to the User Center, such as a screen picture of your successful PayNow fund transfer. We will manually verify your fund transfer and top up your account on the same day if your transfer was made before 6pm.  For transfer that was made after 6pm, it will be topped up into your account balance on the next working day.

Please do make sure that you upload a clear and valid proof of successful fund transfer, such as a screen picture indicating the fund transfer is "successful" or "completed". Invalid proof, such as a picture showing "preview" or "to be confirmed" status of your transfer, will not be processed.  

Receive your parcels in Singapore. Deliver to your door or Self-collection from SG Warehouse.

For a sea shipping order that exceeds 0.5 CBM or an air shipping order that exceeds 15 kg, we provide free delivery services to your registered address after your parcels arrive in Singapore.  Customers can also choose to self-collect parcels from one of our Singapore warehouse or collection points (in Clementi, Woodlands and 
Kaki Bukit).  You can find the detailed address information of our Singapore warehouses from this page:  Taobao2SG Singapore Warehouses

-- Taobao2SG Singapore Warehouses  (Website)
-- Taobao2SG Singapore Warehouses  (Mobile site)

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