Latest Promotion for Taobao 2021 Double 11 Global Shopping Festival!

We,, would like to thank all customers for your support and are giving you S$5 and S$10 shipping vouchers now!

Promotion (1) S$5.00 sea-shipping voucher for first-time customers:

First-time Taobao2SG customers will be rewarded with one S$5.00 sea-shipping voucher. All you need to do is to register a user account from our website to obtain your own User ID with Taobao2SG.

New User Registration [Desktop Site]
New User Registration [Mobile Site]

-- A "first-time user" refers to a member of Taobao2SG who has registered his/her user account in Taobao2SG but has not yet used any of our shipping services.
-- First-time user can fill in the information in the table below to claim your voucher. We will top up S$5 credit into your User Account balance shortly after we receive your response.

Promotion (2) S$5.00 sea-shipping voucher for existing customers:

Existing Taobao2SG users can also obtain a S$5 sea-shipping voucher if you share our Taobao2SG Facebook page with a group or in another page.
-- An "existing user" refers to a member of Taobao2SG who shipped his/her parcels by using our services previously.  Existing members can obtain a sea-shipping voucher after sharing our latest Facebook post.
-- Our Taobao2SG Facebook Page is:
-- How to obtain the voucher: Please fill in required information in the table below. Once we verify your input, we will top up S$5 into your account balance.

Claim Your Shipping Voucher Here - Fill in information in the table below. You may need to scroll down the table.

Promotion (3) S$10 sea-shipping voucher for orders exceeding 2 CBM

During this promotion period, any new or existing member who has a shipping order that exceeds 2 cubic meters in one single shipping order will be rewarded with an additional S$10 sea-shipping voucher. Please call, WeChat, or WhatsApp our customer service staff at 88130282 to claim this $10 voucher if you qualify for this voucher. You can earn more than one S$10 sea-shipping voucher if you have more than one qualified shipping orders during this promotion period.

Promotion (4) Free Alipay Services for all registered members
For all customers we will waive the agency fee for our Alipay ‘pay-for-you’ services. As a member, you no longer need to let Alipay charge your Singapore credit cards, as this is a more expensive payment mode. We provide all customers free Alipay "pay-for-you" services (免费支付宝代付) during this promotion period.

Valid promotion period: from now until 30 November 2021.

How to ship your goods from China to Singapore by using (Desktop Site) (Mobile Site)

Sea/Ocean Shipping Rates at (Desktop Site) (Mobile Site)

Air Shipping Rates at (Desktop Site) (Mobile Site)

How to Contact

Mobile Phone: 88130282

Other Terms & Conditions of this promotion

-- Both the S$5 voucher and the S$10 voucher are valid for discount of your sea-shipping fees only and are not applicable for paying air-shipping fees.

-- All shipping vouchers are not exchangeable for cash.
-- New user voucher and Facebook-sharing voucher cannot be combined. Each member can only have one of these two vouchers but not both.