How to Submit Shipping Order (Send Parcels to Singapore)

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How to Submit Shipping Order
(Send Your Parcels to Singapore)

After your parcels arrived in our warehouse, you can log in to the User Center to submit your shipping order.  Our warehouse staff will check new orders at noon every day.  Once you request to have your parcels forwarded out to Singapore, we will sort out your parcels, consolidate and pack them, put stickers with your User ID on the package and then load them to a container for shipping to Singapore. 

Procedure for Submitting Shipping Order

1. Before a parcel can be shipped out, you must declare its value in Singapore dollars and its content for the purpose of Singapore Customs clearance.  Please log in to User Center, and click the button of  Declare Parcels S$ . If you do not know how to declare parcel value and content, you can refer to the link for further instructions.   [How to Declare Parcel Values]

2. After a parcel was declared via the User Center, you can click the button [Ready to Ship] in the panel of quick links to start the shipping order. 

Alternatively, you can also click the menu [Submit Shipping Order] from the left-side menu (Desktop Site) or in the middle of the screen (Mobile Site). 

Then, please select the parcels that you would like to ship out by ticking the boxes.  You can also tick the box of [select all parcels] if you plan to ship all the declared parcels. Once the parcels are selected, click [Submit shipping Order] on the desktop site or [Select Parcels] on the mobile site.

(Desktop Site)

(Mobile Site)

3. Next, you need to make choices regarding the shipping types (air or sea shipping), the shipping channels (normal or sensitive) and the delivery options (self-collect or to be delivered).  

(a) You need to choose type of shipping (either air shipping or sea shipping). 

(b) Please specify the channel of shipping which can be either normal or sensitive.  Please make sure that you will make separate shipping orders for sensitive parcels and normal parcels.  Sensitive parcels cannot be combined with normal parcels into one single shipping order.

(3) Please choose whether you would like to have your sea parcels delivered to your Singapore address or to collect by yourself from our Singapore warehouse.  Please take note that self-collection is only applicable to sea parcels.  Air parcels will be delivered to you and are not available for self-collection.  

(4) If you need the parcels to be delivered to your address then you must provide your delivery address.  You can fill in the address information from the User Center.  Alternatively, for self-collecting parcels, you need to choose from which warehouse you will collect the parcels.

(5) Please indicate how you will pay the shipping fee -- either via PayNow or transfer fund to our OCBC bank.

After you submitted an order, our staff will review it carefully.  If your account balance is adequate to pay for your shipping fee and your parcels were declared appropriately, then we will proceed to ship your parcels.  However, if you do not have sufficient balance to pay for the order, then you must top up your account balance otherwise the order will not be successful.  At times, we will need to ask a customer to re-declare parcels because the parcels were submitted to a wrong channel (e.g., sensitive parcels were submitted to the normal channel) or because it is so obviously that the parcels were under-declared.   Singapore Customs checks parcel declaration very strictly.  As such, we will not ship under-declared parcels because incorrect and fraudulent declarations are serious offence under the Singapore Customs Act. 

If you need to top up your account balance, you can log into the User Center and then click either the PayNow button or the "Top-Up Fund" menu.  


Instruction: How to Top up My Account Balance

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