How to Top up Account Balance via PayNow and Fund Transfer

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How to Top Up Account Balance via Fund Transfer or PayNow

-- Before you submit a shipping oder, please make sure that there is a sufficient balance in your account to pay for the shipping fee.  If your account balance is not sufficient for the shipping fee, you can top up your balance by using internet banking (fund transfer) or PayNow.  We do not accept cash upon delivery and other modes of payment (e.g., cheque, Paypal and credit cards).

-- When you make your payment by using PayNow or fund transfer via internet banking, please indicate your Taobao2SG User ID and mobile phone number to facilitate our verification.
-- The PayNow account of Taobao2SG is the unique entity number (UEN) of our company: T19LL0471F.
-- Our corporate bank account number is OCBC: 601119845001   (Account Name: AKW TRADING & LOGISTICS LLP)

Top Up Account Balance via PayNow

-- PayNow account: our PayNow account is corporate UEN: T19LL0471F.  The account name (which is optional for making the fund transfer) is AKW TRADING & LOGISTICS LLP.

Taobao2SG PayNow UEN: T19LL0471F

Alternatively, you can also use your mobile phone PayNow App to scan our PayNow QR code to activate the payment procedure.

You may refer to the example below regarding using 
PayNow to top up your account balance.  Please select "PayNow to UEN" in your PayNow App and indicate your User ID in making the payment, such as the CM-3001 as reference note in the below example.

Paynow UEN to Taobao2SG      Paynow UEN to Taobao2SG    Paynow UEN to Taobao2SG

Top Up Account Balance via Internet Banking (Fund Transfer)

-- OCBC Corporate Account No. 601119845001   (Account Name: AKW TRADING & LOGISTICS LLP)
--  Please leave your User ID as your comment to the recipient when you transfer the fund

-- If you use internet banking to top up account balance, please transfer fund to our OCBC corporate bank account
OCBC601119845001.  Please indicate your User ID as comments for the recipient, such as CM-3001 in the below example.

How to Inform Taobao2SG about Your Fund Transfer

-- Please upload a picture to the User Center

After your fund has been successfully transferred to our PayNow or OCBC bank account, for verification purpose please upload the screen picture of successful fund transfer via the User Center.  You do not need to send the picture to our customer service staff via WhatsApp.

How to upload proof of successful fund transfer:

Please log in User Center and 
then you can either click the shortcut button [PayNow Top-Up Balance] at the bottom of the screen or the left-side menu [Top-Up Fund].

If you use your mobile phone to browse the User Center, you can also easily find the two buttons [PayNow Top-Up Balance] and [Top-Up Fund] on the screen.

After your click the [PayNow Top-Up Balance] or the [Top-Up Fund] button, a new page with a blank form for you to fill in fund transfer details and upload proof of payment will appear. The desktop page and mobile page of the top-up forms look like the following pictures.


Please fill in the required information and upload a screen picture of successful fund transfer
. We will top up your account balance immediately after we manually verify whether the fund has been transferred successfully. Your account will be topped up within three hours of a successful fund transfer.  To avoid delay of top-up, please make sure that you will upload a valid proof of payment to the User Center.  

The uploaded picture as proof of payment must indicate clearly that your fund has been transferred successfully. Invalid proof of fund transfer (e.g., a screen picture of "Preview Transfer") will not be processed. Please upload the picture only one time. We will process your top-up request immediately after manual verification.

Please make sure that you will only upload a valid proof of fund transfer which indicates clearly that the fund transfer is completed or submitted or successful. Invalid proof such as a screen picture showing the transfer is still in review or in a preview status will not be processed. For example, none of the following three pictures will be considered as a valid proof of payment. 

Top User Account Balance in Taobao2SG   Top User Account Balance in Taobao2SG     Top User Account Balance in Taobao2SG

The following two pictures; however, are acceptable as a valid proof of successful payment.  Once we receive your upload of such a picture, we will immediately process your request for account top-up.

PayNow Bank Transfer to Taobao2SG      PayNow Bank Transfer to Taobao2SG

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