Alipay Top-up and Pay for You Service (Mobile App)

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User Guide: Let Taobao2SG Top-up Your Alipay Account or 'Pay for Your Taobao Orders' via Taobao App

How to arrange Taobao2SG to pay my Taobao orders (via Taobao Website)

Important note before you follow this tutorial:

-- This user guide assumes that you are using Taobao Mobile App for your Taobao transactions.  If you are using Taobao desktop website to shop, then please refer to the instructions in the above linked page.

-- We can also simply top-up fund to your own Alipay account, and thus you can pay by yourself via Alipay without needing us to pay for you.  If you need our free Alipay top-up services, please WhatsApp 6588130282 for assistance.  

Step (1): Use your Taobao Mobile App in your mobile phone, log in your account and go to shopping cart (购物车 in the first picture below), tick the items in the cart that you would like to pay, and then click "proceed to payment"  (结算, in the second picture below).

Taobao2sg  Taobao Alipay Mobile App Pay for me service

Step (2): After you click "proceed to payment" (结算),Taobao App will show your order details which look like the picture below.  During this step, you must make sure that you have specified the correct delivery address, which is the warehouse address Taobao2SG assigns to you and can be found from your Taobao2SG User Center.

If the delivery address on Taobao App is the same as the address in your Taobao2SG User Center (e.g., 广东省广州市白云区人和镇岗尾村太岗公路493号一楼之CM-USer ID), then you can click the button "submit order" (as 提交订单 in the picture below).  (Note: the address in the example picture was our old warehouse address. You should use our new warehouse address that can be found from your own User Center.) 

Taobao2sg  Taobao Alipay Mobile App Pay for me service

Step (3): after submitting your shipping order (提交订单), Taobao Mobile App will pop out a new page which shows Alipay options for making payment.  You must not make your payment in this step. Rather, you should tap or press the button "Payment Modes" (付款方式  in the picture)

Taobao2sg  Taobao Alipay Mobile App Pay for me service

Step (4): After you tap the button "Payment Modes" (付款方式),other payment options will be displayed on the screen.  At this moment you must select the button "Find a Friend to Pay for Me" (as 
找朋友代付 in the picture).

Taobao2sg  Taobao Alipay Mobile App Pay for me service

Step (5):  Next, Taobao Mobile App will ask you which friend you would like to ask for making the payment on your behalf.   If this is your first time of using this Alipay function, there will be no friends in your Taobao Alipay account.  In such a case, you can slide the screen to the bottom, where you can find an option "generate QR code for payment" (as 当面扫码 in the picture below).

(6) After you press the "generate payment QR code" (当面扫码),Taobao Mobile App will display the payment QR code on the screen.  Please send this QR code picture to Taobao2SG via WhatsApp 88130282.  Our customer service staff will pay for you if there is a sufficient balance in your Taobao2SG account.  If your account balance is not sufficient to pay the order, our customer service staff will notify you to top up your account balance.  

Taobao2sg  Taobao Alipay Mobile App Pay for me service

After you have used this Alipay "Find a friend to Pay for me" service at least one time, the Taobao Mobile App will remember who is your friend.  Next time when you need this service from Taobao2SG, you can either repeat the same procedure as described above or simply search our Alipay ID, which is (*明贵)

This "Alipay Pay for You" service is free and is only available to Taobao2SG's registered members.

Exchange Rate for Alipay 'Pay for You' Services:

-- We normally follow the exchange rate that is published by Alipay when we make a Taobao payment for you and will deduct an equivalent amount of SGD from your account balance. You can also contact us via WhatsApp 6588130282 to check our latest exchange rate.  

-- 'Pay for You' service Fee:  0. 
 Most Taobao agent charge 2% for such services. However, this service is free to all registered Taobao2SG members.
-- Processing time: we will make the payment for you on the same day if you make your request before 4pm; otherwise the payment will be made in the next working day.  Please take note that if you or the seller cancel your order for any reason, then we will not be able to make the Taobao payment for you.  
-- After you have arranged "Find a friend to pay for you" in Taobao,
please send us the payment QR code picture or a message which indicates your User ID and the amount that we need to pay for you via  WhatsApp 88130282

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