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Taobao2SG -- Shipping Fee Information

(I) Taobao2SG Sea Freight Shipping Fees for Normal or General Goods

--  Sea shipping parcels are measured by using volumetric or dimensional weight as cubic meter (L x W x H in meter) rather than actual weight of the parcel.  Dimensional weight is measured by the parcel package size, not by size of the item in the parcel.   
-- At, 
you can submit your sea shipping order as soon as your total sea shipping parcels accumulate to at least 0.1 CBM.  Unlike other freight forwarders we will not require customers to accumulate freight to 1 cubic meter for requesting a shipping order. 

-- Sea shipping parcels will take approximately 12-14 days to reach Singapore after being shipped out from our Guangzhou warehouse.
-- All sea shipping parcels are subject to 9% of GST in SGD.  The amount of GST for each parcel is based on the declared value of a parcel. The value of a parcel is declared by the owner of the goods (i.e., the customer himself or herself) via the User Center in our website.
-- The total fee payable for each shipping order is thus equal to the sum of shipping fee and the 9% GST. (Total Fee = Shipping Fee + 9% GST).  The shipping fee itself is not subject to the GST.
-- Please be advised that all GSTs are based on self-declared parcels values by customers themselves.  We pay Singapore Customs the required GST that we collect from customers while we clear the SG Customs procedure on behalf of our customers. The GST will be paid to Singapore Custom, not to Taobao2SG.  Customers are responsible for whatever values they declare while using our forwarding services.
-- For example,
 customer Mr. Tan has a sea shipping parcel which requires a shipping fee of S$13.  Mr. Tan declared the parcel as having a value equivalent to S$100。Then the GST payable for the parcel is S$100 x 9%= S$9。Mr. Tan needs to pay (i) sea shipping fee S$13 and (ii) GST S$9. That is, a total fee of S$13+S$9=S$22. 
-- The shipping fees for normal goods via sea shipping are summarised as follows:

Taobao2SG 海运价格表 (普货)- Sea Shipping Rates for Normal Goods

-- The fees summarised in the above table are applicable for normal parcels only and not applicable to sensitive parcels.  Here are some examples of normal goods via sea shipping: clothes, shoes, bags, furniture, sports equipment, toys and hardware that do not contain a battery or magnet, and bicycles without assisted batteries.  If you plan to ship sensitive goods, please refer to the next section regarding the shipping rates for sensitive goods.
Taobao2SG will not charge our customers additional fee for packing and consolidation. There is no limit for number of parcels to be consolidated into a single shipping order. 
-- Shipping fee for normal parcel via sea shipping is based on measurement of 
cubic meter.  However, for extremely heavy goods such as construction materials (e.g., tiles, steel, and stone), heavy machines and equipments (e.g., gym iron and dumbbells), the parcel will be measured by using the alternative rule:  "500 kg = 1cbm" rather than the dimensional weight of the parcel.

(II) Taobao2SG Sea Shipping Rates for Sensitive Goods

-- If you plan to import a small quantity of sensitive goods for your personal own use only (that is, non-commercial purposes such as not for re-sale in Singapore), then we can waive the surcharge of sensitive goods and calculate your shipping fee based on normal shipping rates.  

-- What are sensitive goods?  Here are some examples:  branded and counterfeit goods (e.g., Nike, Adidas, and all luxury brands), stuffed toys, any goods in liquid (e.g., printer ink) or powder (e.g., printer toner) forms, personal medications, CDs and DVDs, publication materials (books and magazines), any goods that contains batteries (e.g., digital fitness smartwatches), electrical appliances, processed food that does not contain any meat, non-alcoholic beverages, adult sex toys, and cosmetics (in liquid or powder).  If you are not sure whether your parcel is normal or sensitive, please contact our staff via WhatsApp at 88130282.

-- We will not ship any goods that are classified as prohibited by Singapore Customs (e.g., endangered species of wildlife and their by-product, chewing gum, firecracker, chewing tobacco, e-cigarette, and controlled drugs, pistol, or revolver).
-- Customers who wish to import sensitive goods which are classified as controlled goods (e.g., processed food that contains meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, infant food, plants, radio communication equipments, and pharmaceuticals) must obtain an import permit or an import licence from proper regulatory authorities.  Importing controlled goods into Singapore without an import permit granted by a proper authority (or authorities) is serious offence to Singapore laws. 

(III) Taobao2SG Small Sea Parcels Shipping Rates (by Weight)

All customers can also choose to ship their small sea parcels by using the option of calculating sea shipping fee by parcel weight.  Whenever a customer chooses this option to ship his/her small sea parcels, we will calculate the shipping fee of a small sea parcel by measuring both weight of the sea parcel in kg and its dimensional weight (L x W x H in cm /6000).   

If a sea parcel (by weight) has a volumetric or dimensional weight (i.e., length in cm x height in cm x width in cm /6000) that is greater than its actual weight by less than 10 kg, then the exceeding dimensional weight will be waived, and the sea parcel will be charged by using its actual weight.  For example, if a parcel's actual weight is 10 kg and its dimensional weight (L x W x H /6000) is measured as 14 kg, then the parcel will still be charged as 10 kg.  Many other forwarders will charge customers the larger measurement between actual weight and dimensional weight of a parcel, we will give our customers a 10 kg grace range. Thus, we will not to apply additional weight charge as long as the dimensional weight does not exceed actual weight by more than 10 kg. 

However, if a sea parcel has a volumetric or dimensional weight (i.e., length in cm x height in cm x width in cm /6000) that is greater than its actual weight by more than 10 kg, then the sea parcel will be charged by using the average of its volumetric (or dimensional) weight and its actual weight.  For example, if a sea parcel's actual weight is 10 kg and its dimensional weight (L x W x H/6000) is measured as 22 kg, then the parcel will be charged as (10+22)/2 = 16 kg instead of 22 kg.  Most other forwarders use the larger measure between actual weight and dimensional weight, such as 22 kg in this case.  But we, Taobao2SG, sincerely hope to lower shipping cost for our customers, so you can enjoy more shopping from Taobao and other China e-commerce platforms.  Our alternative measure of chargeable weight will help customers to save more shipping cost.   

(IV) Services that require additional fees

 Types of Services

 Chargeable Fees


 Parcel Inspections

 less than 0.03 cbm,$2 per parcel

大于0.03立方米,$3 per parcel

 Count the quantity of items, check if the items are broken or intact, plug the item into a socket to check if the item can be turned on. Three to five photos will be taken and sent to the customer.

 Warehouse Storage. Guangzhou


 Free storage for 20 days

 Warehouse Storage. Singapore


 Free storage for 7 days

 Alipay Pay for You Services

 $0 now 

 Promotion rate as $0 and unlimited transactions

 Cash on delivery in China domestic delivery (at Guangzhou Warehouse)

 3% of the cash paid 

 We will pay your China domestic delivery fee and deduct the amount from your account balance

 Shipping insurance

 3.5% of the parcel declared value and the minimum insurance price is $15.

 We will not offer insurance to jewellery, currencies, antique, precious stones and metals, and any fragile items.  

 Independent clearance of SG Customs


 For customers who wish to clear SG Customs procedures by using their own GST-registered entities  and those who ship controlled goods that require to clear the SG Customs separately.

(V) Taobao2SG - Air Freight Shipping Fee

-- Normal parcels : 
The air shipping fee for normal parcels (e.g., clothes, shoes, and non-electronic goods) is 6.5 per kg.  

-- You still need to pay the 9% GST even if the total value of your air parcels and the air shipping fee together does not exceeds S$400.  

-- Free delivery to your register address in Singapore if the total air shipping order exceeds 15 kg.  
-- If your air shipping order is less than 15 kg, you can choose to self-collect from our Clementi warehouse or pay S
$4 delivery fee to have your parcels delivered to you.  We offer 14-day free storage in the Clement Warehouse after your air parcel arrives in Singapore.  The self-collection point for air parcels is limited to Clementi warehouse only.

-- The minimum chargeable weight for air parcel is 1 kg. For example, a parcel that weighs 3.56 kg will be charged as 4 kg.
-- For bulky air parcels, the weight could be based on an alternative dimensional weight measure: (Parcel size in cubic cm / 6000) = 1 kg.  Additional dimensional weight charge may be applied if the dimensional weight of a parcel is heavier than its actual weight by more than 10 kg.  For example,  a parcel that is weighted as 10 kg while its dimensions are 80 cm  x 40 cm x 40 cm will be subjet to additional dimensional weight charge.  The parcel dimensional weight us (80x40x40/6000)=(128000/6000)=21.3 kg = 22 kg.  Thus, its chargeable weight will be (10+22)/2 = 16 kg rather than 10 kg.  For bulky items, we advise customers to ship them by sea, as sea shipping is more economical.

Important Notes regarding Shipping Sensitive Air Parcels

-- What are sensitive parcels?  Here are some examples:  branded and counterfeit goods, any liquid (e.g., lotion, a small piece of alcohol swab in the package of your screen protector, sun block), powder (e.g., baby powder), personal medications, CDs and DVDs, any goods that contains batteries (e.g., digital smartwatches), all kinds of food, adult sex toys, and cosmetics (in liquid or powder).
-- When you submit your air shipping order, it is very important that you will not mix normal parcels with sensitive parcel in one single shipping order.  Normal parcels and sensitive parcels must be submitted separately for shipping.  The airlines companies use high-tech equipments to scan all air parcels before load them into their aeroplanes. Even a small piece of alcohol swab in the package of your screen protector, a small flat button cell in your digital watch, or a small magnet in your earpiece will be detected by their scanning equipment.  Once the sensitive parcel which was mixed with other normal parcels was detected by the air shipping company, all your parcels will not be loaded into the aeroplane and will be put on hold in the airport.  We need to send our staff to go to the airport to bring back your parcels and repack them before shipping them out again. To avoid delay of your shipping plan, please make sure that you will make separate shipping orders for normal parcels and sensitive parcels.  
-- If you are not sure whether your air parcel is normal or sensitive, please contact our staff via WhatsApp at 88130282.

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