Sea Freight Shipping Rates
2019-03-30  Shipping Rates -- 
Sea Freight for Normal Goods and Items

* The shipping fee is subject to change if our China shipping agency adjusts the shipping rates.

-- The shipping rates for normal items are summarised in the table above.
-- There is no extra charge for handling your parcels.  No matter how many big or small parcels are to be shipped via our forwarding services, we will always very carefully receive, consolidate, pack and ship your parcels on your behalf.
-- Sea-shipping parcels will be measured by using their volumetric size in cubic meters.  The size of a parcel is measured as Parcel Size = Length x Width x Height, where all three dimensions are measured in meters.  More detailed information about measurement of parcel size can be seen here <Measurement of Your Sea-Shipping Parcel Size>
-- The minimum countable measure is 0.01 cbm for a single parcel. A parcel that is smaller than 0.01 cbm will be counted as 0.01 cbm.  For a consolidated shipment package, the measure of the package will be counted as the sum of all size measures of those small parcels included in the consolidated package. 
-- The minimum shipping order is 0.1 cbm.  If the add-up or sum of all individual parcel sizes in a package is smaller than 0.1 cbm (e.g. a package containing 3 small parcels, 0.01+0.02+0.02=0.05), then the shipping order will be counted as 0.1 cbm. 
-- Goods or items that are extremely heavy, such as construction materials (e.g., steel bars, metal wires, bricks, tiles, marble, concrete blocks, etc), will be measured by using the guiding principle as "500 kg =1 cmb" instead of the usual dimensional measuring principle (i.e.,  volumetric or dimensional size = W x Lx H in cubic meters)  Shipping Rates  -- 
Sea Freight for Sensitive Goods

* The shipping fee is subject to change if our China shipping agency adjusts the shipping rates.

-- The shipping rate for sensitive items is different from shipping normal goods.  Shipping rates for sensitive items are summarized in the above table.

We will waive the extra charge for sensitive goods and charge clients based on rate for normal items if customers merely import a small amount of sensitive goods for 
personal and non-commercial use. 

Sensitive items are legally allowable for importation.  However, we will not ship any prohibited goods for any customers.  

-- What are sensitive items?
-- What are
controlled items?
-- What are
prohibited items for importation? 

Customers who wish to import controlled goods need to apply their own license or permit from government authorities or agencies.  You can find more information from the link below.

[More information about prohibited and controlled goods]

30 Days of Free Storage in China Warehouse

Each parcel can be stored in our Guangzhou warehouse for a maximum of 30 days. Parcels that stay in our warehouses for more than 30 days will be charged by S$2.00 per day per 0.5 cubic meter after the free storage period ends. 

For example, if a customer requests to ship out his/her
parcel that is 1.2 cubic meter in dimensional weight and has been stored that parcel in our Guangzhou warehouse for 40 days, then the extra storage fee will be S$2x(40-30)x3=S$60 in which 40-30=10 indicates extra chargable days in the warehouse and 3 is for 1.2 cmb equilalent to 3 half cubic meter of dimensional weight.

Shipping of Fragile Items  

Customers who wish to ship highly fragile items such as mirrors, glass panels, musical instruments and marble panels must consult our staff to make sure that it is safe to ship their valuable merchandise via sea shipping. 

Customers must ensure that their Taobao vendors and sellers will very carefully pack the items. Fragile items must be packed with steady and durable wood frames to protect the goods from accidental damages during shipping.

Please do take note that Taobao2SG is not responsible for damages of your goods during the shipping if the packaging of your parcel does not meet our safe shipping requirements.

We strongly advise customers to consult our service staff before requesting your fragile goods to be shipped out  

Shipping Insurance

For any items with a declared value exceeding S$100.00, it is highly advisable to purchase shipping insurance for your valuable goods.  Goods that were insured but unfortunately was lost during the shipping will be compensated by the exact declared value of the good. On the other hand, goods that were not insured but were unfortunately lost during the shipping will only be compensated by a maximum value equivalent to three times of shipping fee for the lost item.   

-- the insurance premium is calculated as 2% of the declared value of an item.
-- the minimum premium payable is S$10.00
-- What is claimable under the insurance? Your parcel is covered by the insurance and is deemed for reasonable compensation if  

  • ** the parcel was lost during the shipping.
  • ** the package (e.g., the wood frame, pallets, the heavy box of the parcel) of a parcel was damaged such that the item inside the package was also damaged.  (Note: A damaged item will not be considered claimable and compensable if the package of a parcel is intact while the item inside the parcel package is damaged. For such cases, please ask your Taobao sellers or Chinese vendors to compensate the damages caused by their inadequate or inappropriate packing.)

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