2021 New Year Promotion

2021 New Year Promotion: S$10 Discount

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Taobao2SG.com would like to thank all customers for your support towards us and wish you a very happy new year 2021.   All customers can enjoy a S$10 discount if your sea shipping order is greater than 1 cbm.   We would also like to inform our customers regarding the earlier-than-usual warehouse closure day before this coming Chinese New Year.  Please refer to the details as follows:

Prepare your shipments in time for Chinese New Year 2021

-- Our Guangzhou warehouse will pause operation before the Chinese New Year.  The warehouse closure date this time will be much earlier than past years because of a new health regulation in China.  (New regulation: employers in China must allow their employees to return home early prior to the coming  CNY in time to meet mandatory isolation and/or quarantine).
-- Thus, we strongly advise all Taobao2SG customers to book your shipment early in advance to ensure that your parcels will be shipped to Singapore before the CNY. All customers who plan to buy from Taobao for this coming Chinese New Year should start shopping now and plan to book shipment early.
-- We will update all customers the last shipment date and warehouse closure days on the web site. Do not miss the last shipment date. Once the warehouse closes and staff leave for CNY holidays, we will resume business operation only after the CNY.   

Promotion (1): 
S$10 Discount for Sea Shipping over 1 cbm: 

-- All customers can enjoy a S$10 discount whenever your sea shipping order exceeds 1 cb
m during this promotion period.
-- The S$10 discount is only applicable for sea shipping and does not apply to air shipping.  

-- How to claim
 the S$10 discount: 
After your t
otal in-warehouse parcels exceeds 1cbm and you are ready to ship your parcels, please send us a WeChat message or 
WhatsApp 88130282. The message should read like the following: 

Taobao2SG  Your User ID 1 CBM ALREADY

For example: Taobao2SG CM-10888 1 CBM ALREADY  in which CM-10888 is a customer's user ID at Taobao2SG.com.

If you are not yet a Taobao2SG user, you must register your own user account first.  You can click here to register.

You can also scan our WeChat QR code to register your user account.

Register by Mobile Device
Register by Desktop / Notebook Computer

After receiving your message, our customer service staff will verify your shipping order.  We will apply the S$10 discount to you immediately as long as your shipping order exceeds 1 cbm.


Promotion (2): Zero agent fee for "Pay-for-You" at Alipay 

The "Pay-for-you" (找人代付) agency fee will be waived to all customers.  You do not need to worry if you have no bank account in China to pay your Taobao order via Alipay.  You can simply contact our customer service staff at WhatsApp 88130282 to arrange our free Alipay "Pay-for-you" service.     


Valid Date of Promotion: This promotion is valid until 31 Jan 2021. 

[How to ship your goods from China to Singapore by using Taobao2SG.com]  

New User Guide: http://www.taobao2sg.com/mobile/en/article.php?id=196 (Mobile Site)
New User Guide: http://www.taobao2sg.com/article.php?id=196 (PC / Tablet / Desktop Site)

[Shipping Rates at Taobao2SG.com - Air & Sea]

-- Taobao2SG sea-shipping rates: 
http://www.taobao2sg.com/mobile/en/article.php?id=232  (Mobile Site)  

http://www.taobao2sg.com/en/article.php?id=232  (Desktop Site)

-- Taobao2SG air-shipping rates: 
http://www.taobao2sg.com/mobile/en/article.php?id=233 (Mobile Site)

http://www.taobao2sg.com/en/article.php?id=233 (Desktop Site)

[Contact Taobao2SG]

-- SMS or Call our Mobile Phone: 88130282  

-- WhatsApp:88130282  
(or click / tap the link or WhatsApp icon here)

-- WeChat:Taobao2SG (our WeChat ID is Taobao2SG. You can also scan the QR Code from our web site by using your WeChat mobile app)

Important note:

New customers of Taobao2SG need to register your own user account at Taobao2SG.com so that you have your own user ID to claim and redeem the sea-shipping vouchers. You can simply click the link below to register your own account.
-- Registration: http://www.taobao2sg.com/mobile/en/users.php?act=register  (Mobile Site)
-- Registration: : http://www.taobao2sg.com/en/user.php?act=register (PC / Desktop / Notebook Site)

[Other Terms & Conditions of this promotion]

-- The S$10 discount is valid for rebate of your sea-shipping fee only and is not applicable to air-shipping fees.
-- All shipping vouchers or discounts are not exchangeable for cash.

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