Exclusive Services for Taobao2SG Members Only

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Exclusive Value-added Services for Taobao2SG Members Only

1)  Alipay Pay-for-You Services and 1688 Sourcing Services


-- Most Singaporean customers and business clients do not have a China bank account to pay their Taobao sellers via the Alipay payment gateway.  They often use their Singapore credit cards to complete transactions at Alipay.  However, using a Singapore credit card at Alipay will incur an additional 3% of service charge by the Alipay.  In addition, some Singapore banks that issue credit cards will charge a transaction fee because the payment to Taobao was originally denominated in Chinese yuan (or RMB).   Thus, it is indeed not cost-effective to use your Singapore credit card for Taobao or Alipay transactions.  We can help you to save these unnecessary extra costs while shopping at Taobao. For all Taobao2SG member, we can pay for your any Taobao orders via the “Pay for Friend" function in the Alipay.  This "Pay-for-You" service is completely free but is only available for Taobao2SG members.

-- If you do not know how to request Taobao2SG to pay your Taobao and/or Alipay transactions, you can refer to the user guides below:

How to request Taobao2SG to pay your Taobao orders via Taobao Mobile App  [手机淘宝代付]

How to request Taobao2SG to pay your Taobao orders via Taobao website [电脑网站淘宝]

2)1688 Sourcing Services and Large-sum Payment Services 

1688 Sourcing

1688.com is simply the largest wholesale and sourcing website in China.  It is the most popular online wholesale centre for Chinese retail business 
to find their suppliers. Many retail sellers on Taobao actually get their supply from 1688.com  This 1688.com website is a unique wholesale platform because it is only in Chinese and has certain restrictions for transactions and payment.  According to Alibaba's policy the 1688 platform is meant for China domestic market and thus is different from its AliExpress platform which is in English. 

We have helped many Singapore business clients to import directly from 1688.com.  Our business clients like many other Singapore household customers also do not have a China bank account to pay their sellers at Alipay  Thus they used to pay an extra 3% transaction fee to Alipay. Look at one of our client's transaction as illustrated in the below pictures.  This client used to pay an extra 3% of merchant fee at Alipay.  In this example, paying by using a Singapore credit card will cost the client an extra cost about $S 150.  We can help customers to save the extra cost.  Taobao2SG can pay your 1688 orders by Alipay or direct bank transfer in China

For large-amount transactions in 1688 like this example, nearly ¥24000 RMB, the Pay-for-You request is usually rejected by Alipay due to security control involving larger amount of transactions.  Some importers thus need to split their bulk orders into separate smaller orders and then complete their purchases with multiple orders on different days.  Such a procuring process is too inefficient and troublesome.  Taobao2SG can help your business to overcome any technical difficulties in your 1688 transactions.  We can help you to communicate with the seller and also facilitate your 1688 bulk orders by using our direct bank transfer in China.      

This large-sum payment  service for 1688 orders is free and is only available for Taobao2SG members  If you need us to help you with your 1688 payment, please WhatsApp 88130282 or WeChat Taobao2SG to let us know.

In addition to 1688 large or bulk order payment services, we can also help business clients as their purchasing agent or sourcing agent at 1688.com, especially for those who have difficulty in communicating with 1688 sellers in Chinese. If you need Taobao2SG to be your sourcing agent or purchasing agent at 1688,  please WhatsApp 88130282 or WeChat Taobao2SG to enquiry further details. 

This 1688.com sourcing service is only available to Taobao2SG.com registered members.  Unlike other 1688.com agents who usually charge a 5% ~ 10% of service fee based on the total transaction amount, our registered members only need to pay Taobao2SG a small nominal service fee like S$5 per transaction.   If you need Taobao2SG to be your sourcing agent or purchasing agent at 1688,  please WhatsApp 88130282 or WeChat Taobao2SG. 


3)Parcel Inspection Services


Some customers are afraid that the goods they bought from Taobao cannot function properly in Singapore or were already faulty before shipping to Singapore.  Other customers may worry that their sellers sent the wrong items or inadequate quantity of their orders.   We can help you to ease such worries and concerns by providing parcel inspection services.

As parcel inspection is somewhat time-consuming, there will be a service charge for each inspection.  If you do need our warehouse staff to inspect your parcels before shipping them out to Singapore, please refer to this page: [How to Request for Parcel Inspection] for more information regarding inspection fee and request procedures.

-- How to Request for Parcel Inspection --

4)Self-collection from Singapore Warehouse or Collection Points

Taobao2sg at TradeHub21  
Taobao2SG  @ TradeHub21 (Clemeti/ Jurong East)

taobao2sg at woodlands mega
Taobao2SG  @ Woodlands (Mega @ Woodlands)

For sea shipping orders that exceed 0.5 CBM and air shipping orders that exceed 15 kg, we will deliver your parcels to your address.  This  local delivery service is free if your shipping Oder qualifies for free delivery (i.e., air shipping > 15 kg or sea shipping > 0.5 CBM). 

If your shipping order does not qualify for free local delivery, then you can choose to either pay local delivery service fee or come to our warehouse to collect your parcels by yourself.  For sea parcels you can collect your parcels from the Clement warehouse and any self-collection points (e.g., Clementi, Woodlands, and Kakit Bukit).  You can indicate your choice of collection point when you submit your shipping order.  For air parcels, you can only collect from our Clementi warehouse.

This self-collection service is particularly convenient for customers who cannot stay home waiting for our delivery or wish to save the local delivery service fee.  If you plan to self-collect your parcels, please do indicate your choice when you submit your shipping orders.  After your parcels arrive in Singapore, we will inform you via a WhatsApp and a WeChat message. 

For location and opening hour information of our warehouse, please refer to the information in this page:  Taobao2SG Singapore Warehouse Location and Opening Hours 

5)Shipping Insurance


Taobao2SG is managed by a Singapore-registered company.  We comply with Singapore corporate laws and government regulation and thus offer customers an option of purchasing shipping insurance for their parcels.  If you would like to purchase shipping insurance for your merchandise, please contact our staff via WhatsApp 6588130282 to arrange for you.

We offer an option for customers to insure their parcels not only because of Singapore government regulation but also because we are willing to take responsibility and are serious about shipping your parcels.  We are proud of our business reputation with high customer satisfaction and would like to differentiate ourselves from those irresponsible shipping companies, especially those based in China. Most China forwarders that enter Singapore market only rely on price competition and cannot maintain good quality of services to their customers.  They do not even dare to offer shipping insurance to their customers.  We value our business mission and customers' well-being.  Your parcels will be in good hands whenever you ship goods by using Taobao2SG services.

Information about Shipping Insurances by Taobao2SG

6)Pick Up Services


Some sellers in Taobao and some suppliers in China only delivery their goods to specific location for buyers to collect the orders by themselves.   If your Taobao sellers told you that they cannot deliver your order to our Guangzhou warehouse, but you still want to buy their goods, then you can contact us to check if our Guangzhou staff are able to pick up your order from the seller.  Normally if the pick-up location is in Guangzhou area then we will be able to help you.  

However, we still suggest that customers should communicate with their Taobao sellers to get their orders delivered to our warehouse.  This will save you from paying additional pick-up service fees.  Nevertheless, we will send our staff to transport your orders to our warehouse upon your request as long as the pickup location is in Guangzhou area.

The service fee for pickup your goods from the seller's collection location depend on the required manpower and the distance from our warehouse.  Please contact our customer service via WhatsApp 6588130282) if you need us to pick up your orders from the sellers.  You may refer to this page: Pick Up Services: fees and other information

Pick Up Service:  Fee & other Information

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