How to ship your goods from China to Singapore?

How to ship your goods from China to Singapore by using Taobao2SG 

By following the instructions as follows, you can easily ship your purchased goods from Taobao (or whatever legally allowable goods that you intend to purchase from a China vendor) to Singapore.  All the procedures are straightforward and can be carried out within Taobao2SG web site. 

Step (1): Register your user account by using our web site 

First of all, you need to be a registered user of .  You can register your Taobao2SG user account from our web site which is similar to what you normally do while registering an account with any web site online.  Here is shortcut link to registration

Besides to completing registration via our web site, users who have a WeChat ID can also register an account by scanning our official WeChatQR code to register.

To register an account from our web site, please enter accurate and valid information in the registration form:

All fields in the registration form are compulsory.

Step (2): Register a China Taobao account.

If you already have a Taobao account, you can skip this step. If you do not have an account at China Taobao, then you need to sign up one Taobao user account after you register yourself as a user at  You may refer to information at the link below concerning how to register your Taobao account.   

[How to Sign Up Your Taobao User Account]

Step (3): Set your Taobao2SG warehouse forwarding address as your default delivery address in Taobao

After registering your Taobao2SG account, please log back into and click into the [User Centre].  In the [User Centre], you will find a unique China delivery address for you. This is your forwarding address.  Your delivery address in China is actually  a combination of Taobao2SG's China warehouse address and your user ID at An expmple is illustrated below.:

With your own China delivery (forwarding) address similiar to the example above (e.g., 广东省广州市白云区同德围西槎路恒丰街61号市饮仓4号仓之南洋CM-3496), you can place orders at Taobao (or any Chinese online e-commerce stores) and request sellers to send parcels to this delivery (forwarding) address that Taobao2SG assigned to you. 

We strongly suggest that you set your Taobao2SG delivery address as your default shipping address in your Taobao account
.  You may refer to procedure summarzied below or watch a short video tutorial to learn about
[How to Set Your Unique China Delivery (Forwarding) Address as Your Default Taobao Delivery Address]

(text tutorial: set default shipping address at Taobao)

(video tutorial: set default shipping address at Taobao)

This video illustrates the procedure regarding how to set your unique China delivery address provided by as your default Taobao shipping address.

Step (4): Declare GST & request us to consolidate & ship your parcels 

Once all your parcels have arrived at our Guangzhou warehouse, you can log in to [User Center] to request for shipping your parcels to Singapore.  You can click into [User Center] or [用户中心] to complete the shipping order. 

For a sea freight shipping order which is less than 0.5 cmb and for an air shipping order that is less than 15 kg in total, clients need to indicate whether they would like to self-collect their parcels from our Singapore warehouse or let us deliver your parcel to your address which requires paying additional domestic (Singapore) delivery fees. The total or cumulative dimensional weight of all your sea-shipping parcels must be at least 0.1 cubic meter. There is no requirement of minimal weight for requesting air shipping of your parcels. 

Step (5): Pay shipping fee

Please make sure you have adequate balance in your own Taobao2SG user account to pay the shipping fee. In case that the balance in your account is inadequate to pay a shipping order, you need to top up your account before staff can process your shipping request.  

Users can follow the instructions below to top up your accout balance.  

* how to top up account balance

The easiest way to top up your account is to transfer fund by using mobile fund transfer such as PayNow and PayLah or using internet banking.   Our PayNow and PayLah accounts are the same -- 88130282.


For more payment options, you may refer to the payment information page.

After your fund transfer to our bank account is completed, please send the screen capture of your banking or paynow transaction to 88130282 via WhatsApp or WeChat. This proof of fund transfer will expedite our processing of your account balance top-up

Step(6) Track your shipping and receive the delivery in Singapore

For a sea shipping order that exceeds 0.5 cubic meter and for an air shipping order that exceeds 15 kg, your consolidated parcels will be delivered to your Singapore address without further charges. Customers of Taobao2SG can also choose to self-collect their own parcels from our Clementi/ Jurong/ Woodlands warehouses.

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